zaterdag 14 juni 2008

Bugs and Bee PSP-Script

Yesterday i made two PSP scripts, one Ladybug and one bee script, named them Spottie the Ladybug and BiZzie the FreeBee.....LOL. Made two freebies with it for you, the freebies are for personal use only. the script it's for commercial use/S4H & S4O
More Ladybugs and bee's!!

Freebie Here

Purchase the script Here

3 opmerkingen:

Charles&Ilonka zei

ohwwww wat een sweety's!!!!
meis waar haal je het geduld vandaan...

Suz zei

I gave you some of my...♥"Link Love"♥...over at my place today, however I wasn’t able to grab MY stuff or say thank you until now. Sorry so late!! Each time I go “hunting”, I am in WOWed by the amazing stuff you designers create and then give to us for free. I truly am thankful, because without you and your generosity I think the digital world of scrapbooking would be so different. Stay sweet. :) Suzee Q's Stuff

hottts{AH} zei

Hey doll, youve just been tagg'd. Skip on over to my blog for further instructions ;)

hugs n luv ... hottts

Beautiful scripts ... if youre ever in search for creative team members, id love to be a part... would love to be challenged regularly to create some new element packs from your scripts.. keep up the awesome work