vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Enchanted taggers size for free!!!

Tutorial writers attention!!

Once in a while I will make a tagger size freebie from on of my full scrapkits. I make some elements and papers of that kit, at 72 DPI (not for printing) and offer for free here on my blog. I hope this will stop sharing my kits tru yahoo groups..........

read the TOU if you are a tutorial writer. You can not include the zip in your lesson pages, but you need to send you readers here to download the kit

hope this works for both sides.......;)

This time I made you a freebie with my full kit Enchanted. If this works, I will do this with more of my full scrapkits....so...fingers crossed!!
The taggers kit have
7 papers
35 elements
all 72 DPI
You can download the freebie here
The full scrapkit you can purchase at http://www.scrappity-doo-dah.com/

2 opmerkingen:

Rebecca zei

Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Anoniem zei

I have just discovered this and think it is amazing. Will it still be available? Iy you like drop me a line at DQueen(at)snapes-dungeon.org Thank you for your time!