zaterdag 30 januari 2010

CU designerMix13 , Awards, and I am painting!!!! digital

Uhu........It's a bit love related LOL, but's in the air huh...
Purchase HERE & HERE
Okay that said, I got two awards!!!
I am so bad with awards........Forget to upload and pass them...
But this one I will try.....the other one I need 10 sweeties...........Ohw my! most of them already have the award...But thank anyway honey's!!! 

I am working on a new kit :-) it's a request from someone I admire very keep your eyes open :-D
Okay I uploaded the mystical Journey blogwear in my own shop
You can grab it HERE
That all said........I am digital painting and I LOVE it!!!
I painted our friends DD Quincy.......She was trilled about it :-) soooo sweet
I think it turned out very good :-) still explore the program, but I am getting there ;-)
OXO Joelle

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anjutka1982 zei

OMG Joelle!!!! Thank you so much for the award!!! I did not expected that!!! Wow!!!