dinsdag 27 april 2010

3 RAK's, updates and news news news!!

Rak for Tara & Jeanette, made with the amazing kit by Lorie
Baby Bee Garden
available at SBG
RAK for Tara (again) lol Made with the FairyFlight part 3 (not in the store yet)
I don't have much time on my computer, because they are still redoing my house, I get so tired of it all by now......But we are getting there, I think still a week or two......:s
I have some exciting news!!!
My little daughter (almost 9) started designing!!!! and she is doing so good that I desided to sell the kit id she finish it. Need to help her alot, but she has some good ideas and tricks of her own. Whaaaaaa I am soo proud of her!! Her great great example is the great Lorie Davison.......Yeah!!! bummer not me LOL
But I can totally understand why she choose Lorie :)
Okay a little peek ;)

have not desided witch store this will be in, But I will let you know......she also want a blog of her own, and I think she deserves a blinkie too ROFL!!
Off to my workers here, and between everything else I am working on a new kit also........maybee a sneek peek next post
Biggggggggggg Hug!!

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