dinsdag 11 mei 2010

Scrappity-doo-dah's UCWebhost SUCKS!! Big time!!

Again alot of sites/stores hosting with UCWebHost are down! in two weeks time the second time. Don't this people know whe work to sell? Have they forgotten there are real people depending on their host for take care and respons to all those people who filled in complains? I think so, becouse they are not responding to anyone of them, They are not telling what the time is stores are out of the air. And that sucks!
I try to make a list of stores down for you

http://www.scrappity-doo-dah.com/ - SDD :(
Miss Tiina
Melissa Bennett

Heather Manning
Dianne Rigdon
Inspiration Lane
Divine Digital and DSA
My Life and Scrap
Designs in Digital
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Thumbs up for all your stores!

2 opmerkingen:

Tara zei

Ohhhhhhhh girl they SUCK BIG TIME! I had a LOT of troubles myself with them back in the day and my site would always be dead and I harrassed the crap out of them until they fixed it. LOL! All I can say is GOOD LUCK and I hope they pull their fingers out soon!!! Aghhhhhh! I have a Joelle page to put up and it really wants to get in that forum! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Love Yaaaa xoxoxoxoxo

Anoniem zei

ucwebhost was owned by keith read. he currently runs a company named ucclouds.com

check out their website and the "video tutorials" they have on youtube. recognize the voice? thats your boy!