dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Meet The browns..Painted for my new kit to come

I painted these two darling for my new kit
The kit is almost ready, So my ct will be happy with me I think/hope ;)
Anyway.........painted in CS as always..........I really need to try it in painter some day......

4 opmerkingen:

Wonder of my heart zei

WOW Joelle, those bears are soooooo amazing!!!! You are truly an artist! Can't wait to see the whole kit ;)

Hugs Natascha

LionessZA zei

Your work is absolutely STUNNING!! Love the bears.

Abeille zei

OMG woow love the big bears!! I can't wait to see all the kits!

Radka zei

Fantastic kit :)). Have a nice day Radka :)).