donderdag 16 december 2010

For a short time on customers request! "Winter wonderland magicXL"

This is the first Christmas related kit I ever made, and I disabled it in my shops last summer.
But I have so many customer requests, that I decided to upload it one more time, and only for a limited time also.
I will remove it in Januari and it stay off then :-D
So you last change to purchase it!
I bundle it up So you have everything in one
80 Elements "Some painted by me"
12 papers (scene & no scene)
2 pre-made scenes "Png"
1 complete blogwear "2 backs/blogheader/blinkie to add you name or text"
4 Quickpages "Png"
4 Christmas cards "Png, all you have to do is add your picture and you're done"

Purchase here

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