woensdag 26 januari 2011

Wildwood bakery

Hi :-)
I made another layout with the wildwood people, and I desided something LOL I am gone try and do the same with the wildwood folk as I did with the fairyfligt bundle....
anyway, this is all in the "wildwood Village" kit
Made my little darling Charissa a big help for the mice! in the bakery of Wildwood
And do you see the recipe on the wall?  that are THE ingredients for wildwoods famous pie sssssssssssssttt, I added it to the kit and they don't know.....
I show you the LO, and a more detailed version, because I made it 3600 pixels that was easy
You can purchase the kit Here
Click on the picture to see it a bit bigger...


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EAL Designs2 zei

Adorable layout Joelle, love the kit, added to my wish list.
Love the new look of the blog too, and that fairy, I love her