zaterdag 6 februari 2010

My girls are mixing my kits!

I will show you how amwesome my creative team is
This day I show you what Tara did with the mixed kits
This what Tara wrote on her blog

Ok I was playing around in Photoshop tonight and I have mixed up a heap of kits of Joelle's and turned them into this magical page. I am sooooo happy with the way it came out because I haven't mixed kits up in soooooooo long but I think I did it some justice. What do you think? LOL!
For this page I used the following beauties:
by Joelle
And here is my page using all of these kits in one. Did I tell you how happy I was with it yet??
Little Merbaby
Amazing huh!
See Tara's blog here
 Tomorrow I show you  another creative wonder that mixed some kits
Thank you Tara!
OXO Joelle

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Anoniem zei

OMG!! No word just soooo stunning!! Love it so much!